Welcome to Stages of the Twin cities

Hello fellow theater enthusiasts. I’m Rob Dunkelberger and this blog exists to provide fellow theatergoers with information about shows and theaters in the Twin Cities Area.

I am not an actor, director, writer, or producer of theater. Why am I writing this blog? Because I love theater. I did perform in plays and musicals a little in Junior High and High school. I was also in Pizzazz the Fargo South High Show Choir. My first year of college I majored in Theater arts at NDSU. After that I transferred to what is now called the University of Minnesota Moorhead, where my major changed to Speech, Radio, TV, Film. I did take some acting and theater classes there as well as work promotions one summer for the Straw Hat Players. So while I’m not an expert on theater, I’m not without some knowledge of theater history, performing, and what it takes behind the scenes to mount a show.

I have always enjoyed theater, but it wasn’t until later life that I began to attend theater more regularly. Basically it took finding a person who enjoyed going to the theater as much as I did. That person is my wife Micky (pictured above with me). Before Micky the first 39 years of my life, as far as I can recall, I saw 32 theatrical performances at the college or above level. Since Micky and I saw our first show together I have seen 89 in the last 8 years. As of this writing 9/14/19 We have 26 shows scheduled in the next 12 months. And I don’t intend that to be all. I’m going to tell you about the shows I see and the theaters I attend them at. I’d like you to recommend theaters and shows that I should check out. That is going to be our mission, to share our experiences and learn about new ones.