Blog name change: The Stages of MN

It was brought to my attention that there was an existing blog with a similar name. Twin Cities Stages has been publishing for several years already and to avoid confusion, I’ve decided to rename my blog, The Stages of MN. I apologize for the change, but things are early enough in the blog history that changing it now seems better than 6 months from now. I encourage everyone to check out for the blog written by Laura Kulm.

I am in the process of updating the facebook page as well. I probably should have said something in the welcome post, but I would really appreciate if people will subscribe to the blog page, that way you will get updates automatically whenever a new blog is posted. Also please share the posts and like them on facebook. Forward the blog page to people who may enjoy it. this page isn’t just for theater nuts, it’s for anyone who enjoys something different every once in awhile. The couple that is looking to do something other than watch the TV or go to a movie some night.