The Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society Focused on MN Writers This Month

Image of an old-time radio with F. Scott Fitzgerald in place of the dial. In the background is a spooky image of a large manor.

The Park Square Theatre Hosted The Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society again this past monday. If you missed it they will be back for three more dates March 9th, April 20th, and May 11th. Each show is different – Monday’s show focused on Writers Alonzo Deen Cole and F. Scott Fitzgerald both of whom are from Minnesota. Next month’s focus will be on Hard Boiled Detectives. They will perform “Red Wind” from The Adventures of Philip Marlowe and “Symphony of Death” from Candy Matson Yukon. The Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society are Shanan Custer, Joshua English Scrimshaw, Tim Uren and Eric Webster. This Quartet of radio fanatics bring to life scripts from the golden age of radio. Their performances perfectly emulate the style of the radio programs of suspense, horror and mystery from the 1930’s and 1940’s. Along with their vocal work, they also create live the sound effects that accompany the tales.

If you’ve never experienced a performance like this in the style of those old radio broadcasts you really need to check it out. I highly recommend these shows for families, including grandparents who may even remember listening to some of these very shows. It’s a unique opportunity to step back in time and show the younger generation what home entertainment used to look like. If they enjoy this, then you might suggest they take a further step back in time and try reading a book.

The January show sold out, and from what I could see, February’s looks to have as well. I hope Park Square and The Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society extend their relationship beyond May. I can’t see why a permanent residency wouldn’t be beneficial to both parties. Reminder upcoming dates are March 9th, April 20th, and May 11th. I encourage you to go to to purchase tickets. To get an idea of what to expect you can also check out the groups podcast where they play an original radio show and then discuss it. You can locate that via apple podcasts here: It can also be found on Spotify.