One Quick Review From The Minnesota Fringe Festival

Super Patriots! is a program consisting of 2 short plays written by Carl Danielson. The first play focuses on Senator Joseph McCarthy and is manly staged with cutout photos of Mccarthy and other politicians. It is a satirical play which while presenting a fairly accurate account of the early 1950’s “red scare” and the rise of McCarthyism also draws parallels to the current state of politics and the “orange scare”. At around 10 minutes it is an entertaining and engagingly thought provoking piece of theatre. Part 2 is “Doughface” about President James Buchanan. This 10 minute short isn’t quite as successful, partly because it has 4 performers acting together in a Zoom session. I know it’s one of the few tools we have to still try and present theater in this time of Covid-19, and this works as well as Zoom performances do. “Doughface” while not as successful as Part 1, is still worth your time and like the play on McCarty, it draws some very strong comparisons to today. These are definitely worth your time, Part 1 being a more effective theatrical presentation in these days of social distancing. Both are humorous and based more on fact than you might think, some of the more outrageous sounding bits are actual quotes.