Stone Baby Is So Hot It Almost Melts the Icehouse

Photo by Galen Higgins Graphic Design by Laurie Hawton

This is something different, not what you are used to reading about here. It’s not for everyone, but I think most people who like to rock or used to rock, are going to dig it. Stone Baby began life as a short story by Kiss the Tiger co-founder and rhythm guitarist Michael Anderson. Kiss the Tiger is a popular local rock band, if you haven’t heard of them, you’re probably my age. The good news is, if you’re my age your gonna love this show! Developed first into a 20 minute livestream piece for an online music festival. Trademark Theater, a company whose Mantra is Create. Develope. Produce, commissioned Kiss the Tiger to develop it into the theatre piece which held its world premiere last night in Minneapolis at Icehouse. Part spoken word narrative part rock concert. The story is told in the first person by lead singer Meghan Kreidler. She recounts her life from a rocky start at birth, pun intended, and her overprotective mothers upbringing to her discovery of rock and the transformation that ensues.

First off, Kreidler is fantastic as a rockstar and a spoken word performer. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as she is an accomplished actor in addition to fronting Kiss the Tiger. Clearly this is her destiny as she commands our attention the moment she takes the stage. I don’t know if the show is populated with the bands existing songs or if they were all new created for Stone Baby. I suspect they were written for the show. Once the narrative completes they generously play a few extra songs and those don’t seem to comment on the story or have quite the same feel, but by God, they rock. It’s a nice treat and a great way to end the evening on a high note. The band is tight, you can see why they are on the move. Along with Anderson and Kreidler, the band is made up of Bridger Fruth on lead guitar and vocals, Paul DeLong on bass, and Jay DeHut on drums. Honestly I didn’t know the band, I didn’t know their songs, I was going in stone cold and came out a red hot fan.

The show runs for the next three Wednesday’s and each show begins with a different opening act. Tonight it was fellow Fargo native Diane. I guess it was my night to find new music to follow because I’ll be seeking out Diane’s music too, you can follow her at I’ll be trying to track down my favorite song they performed “Hold on to the Ones You Love” which for me had a real Buddy Holly vibe. The remaining three Wednesdays have the following line up.

3/16/22 with Mary Cutrufello
3/23/22 with The Controversial New Skinny Pill
3/30/22 with Tina Schlieske

For more information and to purchase tickets for one of the three upcoming shows go to

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