Preview: Friday May 27th Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society Returns to Park Square Theatre

I’ve become a huge fan of this group and what they do. I’ve written several reviews in the past about their shows at Park Square Theatre in Downtown St. Paul. Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society (MORLS) performs live two classic radio scripts from the golden age of radio, do all of the voices as well as creating all the music and sound effects live in front of an audience. The problem with writing reviews of a show that will only be performed once is that you, the reader, don’t have a chance to read the review and decide to go see it. So I thought instead I will give you a heads up ahead of time so you have a chance to go buy tickets and attend the show. If you’ve never experienced a performance like this in the style of those old radio broadcasts you really need to check it out. I highly recommend these shows for families, including grandparents who may even remember listening to some of these very shows. It’s a unique opportunity to step back in time and show the younger generation what home entertainment used to look like. I think you’ll be surprised at how well they respond to something that seems so old fashioned.

Since the last performance of the MORLS that I attended I have begun listening to their podcast as well. You can find it wherever you listen to podcasts. In those shows they play an actual recording from an old radio show and then discuss it. the programs themselves run about 30 minutes and then they banter in a highly entertaining and humorous way for about 20 minutes about what they thought of the program and whether it stands the test of time. I’m really enjoying going through these podcast episodes and highly recommend them.

Upcoming productions of The Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society at Park Square Theatre:

Friday May 27th 7:30 PM Legends of the Old West

“Death of a Picture Hanger” from Crime Classics (1953) – A true tale of the Old West told with wry wit and a sense of tragedy.

“Matt for Murder” from Gunsmoke (1954) – When Marshal Dillion is accused of murder, the governor sends another legendary lawman to Dodge City.

Sunday June 26th 2:00 PMMore Best of the Worst

“Battle of the Magicians” from Lights Out (1934) – What do magicians, airplanes, and zombies have in common? Absolutely nothing. But logic is no defense against this madcap mystical mash-up from the mind of legendary radio writer Wyllis “Quiet Please” Cooper.

“The Cup of Gold” from Dark Fantasy (1942) – A sports reporter’s investigation into the death of a golf pro leads to a series of shocking revelations! Scott Bishop’s murder mystery turned Surrealist manifesto will keep you guessing (or at least scratching your head) until the bitter, inexplicable end

go Park square theatre for tickets for in person or to stream from the comfort of your own home. Also for more information about these shows as well as an upcoming production at Open Eye Theatre of Rattus Rattus a double feature bill of Rat Centric Stories featuring the classic “Three Skeleton Key” and “The Rats in the Walls” go to .

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