Twin Cities Horror Festival XI Second Night Reviews of Two Shows: Spooky and Gay Cabaret, Writer’s Room

Spooky and Gay Cabaret.

Spooky and Gay Cabaret is writer performer Bruce Ryan Costella’s little bit of everything show. This visiting artist from Orlando Florida tells spooky stories, sings songs and performs stand up comedy bits. Two things really stood out were the lighting and his stand up bits that counted down things like the gayest songs and the worst Halloween candies. The lighting was especially effective and impressive considering he controlled it all himself while performing, it was simple but very effective. It’s a fun show and Costella plays a charming MC to his own set of mini acts. It’s the sort of low budget DIY show that is perfect for the little Horror Festival that could, and I think it says a lot about this Festival, that it does attract artists from other states. Of course he’s gay and from Florida, why wouldn’t he wanna leave there and come here? And for the record, I stand with Costella on the Tootsie Roll but I like Dots!

Remaining Show Times
Sunday, October 23rd 7:30pm
Monday, October 24th 6pm
Wednesday, October 26th 9pm
Saturday, October 29th 10:30

Ratings (1-5)
Language – 5
Violence – 3
Blood – 0
​Suggested Age: 16+

Writer’s Room

Frankly, part of me feels a little robbed as I was promised Sam Landman. I assume that was his voice, but they never tell us and no one even mentions his name. But oh heck Writer’s Room, I can’t stay mad at you, you are much too clever for that. Like the opening nights Stabby Stab Stab this contains three very good performances, and a voice which may or may not be Sam Landman. The story is Written & Performed by Emily Dussault, Keith Hovis, Sam Landman & Leslie Vincent. Three characters, one a composer, one an influencer, and the third a hacker are all summoned to a room where they believe they will be interviewing for a very high paying position. It turns out they are competing for the job with other teams by coming up with solutions to PR problems that celebrities might have. As the play progress we begin to wonder what happens if you don’t get the job? It’s a well told story with lots of twists and surprises, it isn’t too scary really, but it is exciting and it has a nice amount of humor as well. This was the closest thing I’ve seen at the festival so far this year that resembles what we would think of as a traditional play, but…….nah, you’ll have to see it for yourself.

Remaining Show Times 
Sunday October 23rd 10:30pm
Wednesday October 26th 6pm
Friday October 28th 9pm
Saturday October 29th 3pm

Ratings (1-5)
Language – 4
Violence – 3
Blood – 3
Recommended Age: 16+