Twin Cities Horror Festival XI Day Eight Review of Ted’s Talk

After Stabby Stab Stab and All Your White Darlings probably the most anticipated show of the TCHF is Ted’s Talk which takes over the studio space that Stabby Stab Stab used. Stabby Stab Stab basically sold out it’s entire run and if there is a God All Your White Darlings will too. I’m aware that I keep writing Stabby Stab Stab and All Your White Darlings but that’s because I’d much rather write about those fantastic shows then I would about Ted’s Talk. To illustrate why hopes were high and nerves on edge heading into Ted’s Talk, here are the shows ratings and warnings:

Ratings (1-5)
Language – 5
Violence – 5
Blood – 5
​Suggested Age: 17+
Warnings: sudden loud noises, flashing lights, gore, profanity, bodily fluids, nudity, pregnancy, blood, and limited touch. 

The most effective part of the show is the preshow where you are lead into the studio and escorted to your seat by a half nude woman in a gimp mask. She may point you to your seat or she may put you in a headlock and drag you there. Once at your seat you’ll find a vomit bag and a plastic rain poncho. The purpose of these is to make you uncomfortable. First, psychologically, because now you are really wondering what you are going to see that might require and receptacle for your regurgitated dinner. And secondly, physically, because the point of the rain poncho seems to be to ensure you get really hot and sweaty during the show. The pre-show is brilliant, unfortunately once the lights go down, slightly so does the effectiveness. Basically a series of bad, foul mouthed jokes devoid of much in the way of humor and a series of set pieces that we spend too much time with and are too well lit to be anything approaching scary. And speaking of time, the show clocks in at about 35 minutes, but in fairness it seems much much longer. The show raises expectations so high and seems like it is going to follow through on them until it actually begins. The only true disappointment I’ve experienced at this years festival, I’d be anxious to hear what others thought, maybe this one was just not my cup of pee. That’s an example of the level of humor this aspires to. You’ve been warned.

Remaining Showtimes
Friday, October 28th 10:30pm
Saturday, October 29th 6pm
Sunday, October 30th 9pm

For more information about this show and a lot of other really good ones at the festival and of course to purchase tickets go to The Twin Cities Horror Festival runs through 10/30/22, I have one more show to see to have made it to each show and I can tell you that I’d recommend every one of them that I saw before tonight.

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